St. Anne & St. Edmund is a centre for spiritual growth, compassionate action and creative arts.  We express our faith, not only through programs and ministries of growth and compassionate service on-site among our own members and associates, but we also reach out into the wider around us in programs of compassionate action.

Programs and forms of outreach are in constant evolution.  Rather than duplicating services, we co-operate with and support other agencies and organizations working in areas of compassionate action.

Our parish council has identified five(5) different ways we support outreach, and approximately thirty (30) different programs and ministries we support and these we continue in 2017 & 2018.

We support outreach in five(5) ways in our parish

1) Through inspirational worship and congregational activity, and through our Sunday & weekday prayers.

2) Through promoting and encouraging volunteering and philanthropy by our members.

3) By holding fund raising events on an occasional or regular basis, and sending flow-through donations to our community partners and to regional, national and international projects.

4) By sharing our space with community outreach partners of outreach on-site or elsewhere.

5) By donating and encouraging direct donations to programs of outreach on-site or elsewhere.

The following are thirty-one (31) projects & programs we support

A) local area

1- SOS (Society of Organized Services)-comprehensive social outreach, including 29 programs for people of all ages and stages of life.
2- Manna Ministries (outreach to the homeless in the Oceanside area)
3- The Food bank & Soup Kitchen (Salvation Army programs supported by all the churches and the wider community.)
4-Forward House (supporting mental health and wellness in our community.)
5-Oceanside Hospice (end-of-life care, counselling, and education.)
6-Kairos - promoting social justice, action, education and advocacy, both locally and nationally.
7-Coldest Night of the Year - fundraiser to support of outreach to the homeless.
8- Care Home Visitation (providing support to those in assisted living and dependency in eight or more local care homes.)

B) beyond the parish

1-The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) - global Anglican work in responding to disasters and promoting development (eg. Nepal Earthquake, Syrian refugees.)
2- Anglican Appeal - supporting national ministries and especially those in northern and remote communities, indigenous ministries.
3- VST - our theological school in Vancouver
4- The Sorrento Centre - retreat's, camps, and educational programs.
5- The Anglican Foundation, enabling ministry projects across Canada.
6- Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) - Canadian-based programs operating globally to respond to world hunger - an ecumenical program supporting by PWRDF.
7-St. Paul's, Corozal, Diocese of Belize, supporting outreach and elementary education in the context of poverty.
8-Tumaini Fund in Tanzania - supporting AIDS orphans in a remote area of Tanzania served by no other organizations.
9- Charter for Compassion - nurturing and educating for a global culture of compassion.
10- Bethlehem Centre, Nanaimo - partnership in supporting educational programming and retreats.
11- The Contemplative Society - partnerships in providing educational programming and retreats.
12- Refugee Ministry - participating in Oceanside and island-wide initiatives to sponsor refugees.

C) Community outreach partnerships on-site

We reach out primarily to the following local organizations and groups that support youth, seniors, health, music and arts, and/or other forms of particular need or special interest on a regular ongoing basis.

1) AA, Al-Anon (M,W,F)
2)Other 12-step/recovery groups(occasional)
3) Girl Guides, Brownies, Sparks (M,W,F)
4) Parksville Tai Chi (weekdays)
5) Parksville Bridge Club (W)
6) Parksville & District Music Association (Tu, Th)
7) Gentle Fit/ Cardio (M, T) - community health programs focused on seniors.
8) Adult Day Program - support families & individuals facing physical and cognitive impairments, Dementia and Social Isolation.
9)Quilters (monthly)
10) Arrowsmith Naturalists (last Monday of the monthly)
11) Ball Room Dance/ Newcomers Club (beginning of September)_