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This program is a based on the book, "The Seventh Story," By Brian D. Mc Laren & Gareth Higgins


We're living in a time of great upheaval, anxiety and challenge: as well as great possibility, and even hope.  We're following the traditions of authentic spirituality to embrace Lent as a season for going deeper amidst the swirl of life.  The best way to respond to something bad is to do something better, so we're taking a journey together for the 40 days of Lent, seeking ancient wisdom about a better story: moving from oppositional energy to creative hope, from individualism to the common good.  We're inviting you into conversations about what we call the Seventh Story: transcending domination, revenge, isolation, purification, vicitimization and accumulation narratives with a new story of reconcilliation - humans with each other, with the ecosystem, and with Love itself.

Presented by the Rev. Christine Muise.