Our combination of gathered community, diverse presentations, embodied spiritual practices, and a contemplative environment create the space for life-changing experiences that can make a difference in your daily life and impact the wider community. We welcome people from any or no spiritual or religious tradition or background.

FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Spirituality Beyond Borders?

Spirituality Beyond Borders is a Canadian educational program in spirituality based in Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

We were founded in late 2016 with a view to making a first offering of educational conferences, events, sessions, and starting in 2017 to present.

We focus on live and offline events, interactive learning, and group and face-to-face community-building programs, and we make use of electronic and web-based resources within the context of live-community groups.

2) What is our vision and mission?

The vision of Spirituality Beyond Borders is:
         education for transformation

The mission of Spirituality Beyond Borders is:
           to provide dynamic educational programming with supportive contemplative practices that                lead to trans-formative learning experiences and spiritual growth

3) Who are our programs for?

Our programs are for anyone interested in the topic of spiritual transformation and growth.

We go "beyond borders" by welcoming people of any or no spiritual tradition or background, and of any or no recognized faith community membership or association.

We invite people to go "beyond the borders" of their own present experience or comfort zones by engaging with our programs in spirituality in terms of their potential for trans-formative change and personal spiritual growth, with a view to making a greater positive impact in the world.

We encourage people who belong to or associate with a particular spiritual tradition or specific faith community to find and explore trans-formative spiritual resources within their own community's traditions and teachings ("within border's"),as well as learning from and developing curiosity about diverse experiences of other traditions and communities ("beyond borders").

We intentionally provide programs and practices with presenters from diverse spiritual backgrounds.

4) Who provides leadership?

Our founding leadership team is Andrew Twiddy, Pearl Gervais, and Remi De Roo.

Andrew is an Anglican priest, Pearl is a lay Roman Catholic teacher and facilitator, and Remi is a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, and is the last surviving and active bishop to have participated in all the sessions of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

Andrew, Pearl, and Remi are experienced speakers, teachers, writers, and facilitators. Andrew provides day-to-day program management as an expression of his overall teaching & administrative work as a priest.

We facilitate the leadership and teaching of local presenters and of internationally-known speakers.

5) Who we collaborate with?

We work in collaboration with the following organizations in the delivery of our initial programs:

The Bethlehem Centre, located in Nanaimo, BC                                (BethlehemCentre.com)
The Contemplative Society, based out of Victoria, BC                       (Contemplative.org)

We are inspired by an make use of the resources of:
      The Center for Action and Contemplative, in Albuquerque, New Mexico (cac.org)

6) Who supports us and sponsors us?

Our primary support base is adults over the age of 40 who have some form of existing spiritual practice our association with a community of faith.  A great many of our supporters have either and informal or formal affiliation with a mainline Christian denomination such as Roman Catholic, Anglican/Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Church of Canada.

Our home base and primary sponsor is St. Anne & St. Edmund(OneOpenCircle.org), a parish of the Anglican Church of Canada, in the Diocese of BC, located in Parksville, BC, through whom we exercise our mission as a charitable organization and as an educational program.

Donations may be made either through the Bethlehem Centre (bethlehemcentre.com) or through St. Anne & St. Edmund (OneOpenCircle.org), and earmarked "Spirituality Beyond Borders".  Donations of $20 or more are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

7) How far are we trying to reach?

Our programs have diverse and varying levels of accessibility to people living in the following areas:

        1) Central Vancouver Island, coastal islands and inlets
        2) Local Metro areas (Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle)
        3) Salish Sea (South West BC, and Puget Sound)
        4) Western Canada & throughout Canada
        5) Cascadia (BC/Washington/Oregon), throughout the US, and beyond

8) Who are we communicating our message to?

We seek to communicate to anyone interested in the topic of spiritual transformation and growth.

We particularly aim to communicate our message to:

~Affiliates of our traditional support base within a mainline form of Christian community such as Roman Catholic, Anglican/Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and United Church of Canada
~Affiliates of recognized and historic spiritual traditions and world religions
~People who may define themselves independently as "spiritual-but-not-religious" or as "contemplatives"
~Inter-spiritual, inter-faith, ecumenical, and inter-denominational groups

9) How do we provide access to programs?

The Bethlehem Centre in Nanaimo, BC provides program information and registration through its website (bethlehemcentre.com) and its from office (250-754-3254), and collaborates with us in offering many of our programs on site.

10) What will people gain by signing up for our programs?

Our dynamic and interactive educational programming, with supportive contemplative practices, opens the door to trans-formative learning experiences and spiritual growth that make a difference in daily life and impact the wider community.

We aspire to offer an adult-education certificate program in emerging spirituality that will reflect participation in and completion of a series of programs and events over 1 or 2 years.