"Peace to the Children of Israel, Ishmael, & All the World"

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~ An Hour of Peace-Building through Music, Readings, Prayers, Reflections & Stories ~


"Peace to the Children of Israel, Ishmael, & All the World"

An Hour of Peace-building through Music, Readings, Prayers, Reflections & Stories 

An eclectic and interspiritual Franciscan Celebration, through A Service of the Word, coming from Andrew's home to your home

The Rev. Andrew Twiddy, CompanionSSF, celebrates Jerusalem Sunday 2021, in the cycle of observance of the Anglican Church of Canada, the 7th Sunday of Easter ~ May 16, 2021

Some key features (scroll down for timing):

  • a few of Andrew's stories from pilgrimage to Jerusalem and with people in the Land of the Holy One
  • instrumental and vocal music on guitar and piano (yes, you can sing along at home!) 
  • a Sufi-inspired song of peace and interspiritual celebration
  • Psalm 1 sung in Hebrew by Andrew, with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's translation into English
  • some varied and traditional Christian hymns on the theme of peace, and of the multi-layered meaning of "Jerusalem" in both its materiality and geography. and in our expanded understandings of its symbolism 
  • the Simplicity Prayer ~ a new version of the prayer Jesus gave us (the Lord's Prayer), in the tradition and simplicity of Clare and Francis of Assisi

Full text of the service attached for your participation and reference, with all the readings, prayers, and lyrics (all permissions and copyrights noted, all rights reserved).

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      here are some selected noteworthy timings and connections: 

0.01-0.37 - guitar prelude (Sufi-sourced tune)

0.38  words of welcome, introduction and orientation

3.19 - acknowledgement of Indigenous Languages, Peoples, Lands and Watersheds ~ towards reconciliation

5.42 - the prayer of the day, the collect

6.04 - opening story and scene-setting

8.06-10.33 - a Southern-style gospel hymn for Easter and Ascension in celebration of this week's consecration of our new Archbishop, Hosam Naoum, in our Episcopal (Anglican) cathedral of St. George, Jerusalem 

12.43 - a Sufi-inspired song of peace

15.42 - Psalm 1, in Rabbi Zalman's translation

18.24-24.01 - Andrew recites & sings Psalm 1 in Hebrew (tune 348, Hymnal Common Praise [1998])

24.24 - a topical and urgent hymn of the solidarity and compassion of Jesus over the sufferings of Jerusalem, and a prayer for a just peace to descend upon us all (Common Praise 592) 

29.19 - the Gospel Reading - our True Self is one with God - John 17

32.38- 46.43. - a reflection and homily from Andrew (followed by instrumental music)

46.53 - the Hear O Israel (the Shema) & Triple Commandment of Love (God, Neighbour, Self)

47.26 - the Prayers

52.53 - the Simplicity Prayer - the prayer Jesus gave us in the tradition and simplicity of Clare and Francis of Assisi 

54.40 - closing hymn - Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken (Psalm 87)  [spoiler and sensitivity alert: this song involves a recovery and redemption of Hadyn's tune known as "Austria", a tune that was put to other political uses in the 20th-century CE - if this recovery seems improbable or premature for you, or has the wrong evocations, please feel blessed to let others do the work of recovery, and for yourself, skip this part of the event]

58.53 - the commissioning for service in the world