Songs of a Madeiran Friar ~ Audio & Text Versions

Ancient Wisdom in a Reflective Mode

An antiphonal reading of the psalms in English and Hebrew, supported by gentle instrumental accompaniment, with a view to reflective, contemplative, devotional, educational and liturgical uses.

Psalm 133 in English & Hebrew ~ O, how good it is (ACC)      Thematic Melody:   Hinneh Mah Tov (trad. Israeli)

Psalm 133 in Hebrew & English ~ O how good it is (RZ)         Thematic Melody:   Hinneh Mah Tov (trad. Israeli) 

An Experimental Interlingual Psalmody and Franciscan Reflection

Many individuals and communities, and especially those within Judaism and Christianity, can find strength and inspiration, and an ongoing resource for prayer and meditation in the Psalms.  This version emphasises a reflective and measured vocalization, alternating one verse at a time in English and Hebrew, with a supportive thematic melody from various spiritual and musical traditions.

ACC = featuring the inclusive-language English version of the Anglican Church of Canada (2019)

RZ   = featuring the inclusive-language English translation Psalms in a Translation for Praying, by Rabbi Zelman Schacter-Shalomi (2014)

Formatting and layout (large-font textual versions):  Andrew Twiddy, CompanionSSF

Vocals, musical accompaniment and arrangement (audio and audio-visual versions):  Andrew Twiddy, CompanionSSF

Andrew practices this discipline as part of his Franciscan commitment to study, prayer, and work, and seeks to share this with anyone for whom it may find a benefit, especially encouraging  Christians to experience the Psalms in the language in which Jesus experienced the Psalms, and to encourage Christians and Jews to recognize and honour their shared heritage with one another.  He especially hopes that Christians will explore contemporary Jewish translations, and in particular the inclusive-language version of "deep ecumenist"  Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.