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Sunday at 10

Sunday Morning Worship online ~ 10 am

Join us each week for Sunday at 10, our live Sunday morning service online for, the Community of St. Anne & St Edmund, Parksville  

Andrew & Christine will take turns on alternating Sundays to celebrate from different locations.  Christine will broadcast from St. Edmund's church building, and Andrew will broadcast from his own home.       

Here’s what you need to know to participate:  

1)     How to experience it online:  

  • The Order of Service for the Easter season is attached, to help you follow along 
  • The service will be live-streamed on our Facebook page Parksville Anglicans  
  • You may watch the service live on Sunday at 10 am, or at any time afterwards in your own time, as soon as we have posted it.
  • The service and/or sermon may also be posted on YouTube or Vimeo after the service ~ watch for details

2)     Readings:

  • An attractive and helpful online resource for all the assigned readings for the current season of Easter, along with matching art work, prayers, and slideshows, may be found in the NRSV translation in a convenient format on one page provided by Vanderbilt University ~ simply click on each reading for the current day or week:  
  • The readings for the service will usually follow those on the website of the Anglican Church of Canada, which includes a link to the full text for Sunday readings:    

3)     Music:

  •  The music for each week will usually include songs and hymns from the Canadian Anglican hymnal Common Praise (1998), along with other music as announced 
  • All the hymns in Common Praise are listed in order, along with the lyrics (words), and often with the score (tune) available at:      
  • Even better, you can listen to the tunes for nearly all the hymns in Common Praise, by clicking on the hymn number at this resource: