Welcome to St. Anne & St. Edmund!

The Community of St. Anne & St. Edmund, Parksville, together with Good Shepherd, Lasqueti Island, is a local expression of the worldwide Anglican Communion. 

We invite you to join us in Parksville, or live online, for our weekly Sunday Service at 10.00 am

 Sunday Service ~ 10.00 am

Sundays are online live (or at any time!) through one of our FB pages: 

Facebook Live:  Andrew Twiddy, Christine Muise, Parksville Anglicans

We are a faith community at work nationally within the Anglican Church of Canada, and regionally within the islands and inlets of the West Coast of Canada (the Diocese of BC), supporting more than 30 programs of learning, outreach, and service, and addressing needs in and beyond our local area. 

  growth  :  compassion  :  creativity  


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our mission within and beyond our local community is to be:  

a centre for spiritual growth, compassionate action, and creative arts

We seek to create an open and inclusive circle of community life, and we welcome you to join us for our diverse range of weekday programs, Sunday services, and community events.   



An invitation