We were enabled by Student Summer Jobs Canada to hire a youth team again this year, providing work experience, support and spiritual leadership to young people as part of our church family.  

While 2021 was challenging for everyone, our youth were able to find lots of ways to express their joy and creativity. Juliette, Alli and Alice did an amazing job of keeping the grounds and cemeteries looking amazing all summer.  

On the inside of the buildings these industrious young women cleaned and prepped the kitchen, bathrooms and hall, and then applied a lovely fresh coat of paint. With a creative assist from Colleen, they chose the colours themselves and created adorable stencil art in the bathrooms.  

They also shared their voices and smiling faces in our online services and participated in regular meditation with Andrew and the office staff.  Toward the end of the year Alli was the driving force behind “Alli’s Advent Calendar,” a daily video upload of advent and Christmas music created by Alli, Andrew, Holly and Mariellen.