Our Youth Ministry program has grown this year through employing youth and creating a supportive work environment for young people. Through programs such as Student Summer Jobs Canada we were able to grow our staff by encorporating young people into our work. This summer, the youth and their supervisor Mandy worked on multiple projects. Our biggest project completed this year was the beautification of the scatter garden just outside of St. Anne's church. Mandy and the students worked towards creating a unique and beautiful memory garden by laying bricks, planting time, and tending to their project. Maintenance and cleaning is another big part of the youths' role under the supervision of Mandy. Our youth team helped to maintain the graveyard bi-weekly throughout the summer. When holding services, our youth team aid in supporting our priests Andrew and Christine through cleaning and sanization, and assisting with readings and music. Youth ministry has become a large part of our community, work environment, and partnerships.