In Summer of 2022 we were again enabled by Student Summer Jobs Canada to hire a youth team, providing work experience, support, mentoring and spiritual leadership to young people, under the guidance of Andrew, Holly and the two Harrys. 

Every year presents new challenges, and 2022 was no exception. We experienced a break-in and fire in our offices which left us living a nomadic existence within the building, working first in the church, then the hall, and then the library. 

Despite the upheaval, and the faint but lingering smell of smoke, Chyanne and Luke kept a cheerful and helpful attitude as they worked on landscaping, the website, and other projects around the building and graveyard. Prayer and meditation time was regularly part of the week as well, providing a quiet centre in the midst of business. 

Another aspect of Chyanne’s and Luke’s duties over the summer, and Jada’s in the winter months, was to regularly assist in the Sunday service, managing set up, sound and recording, as well as expressing their creativity with music, art and photography.