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125 years of service   :  one open circle of caring  

Compassionate Action 2019:  Thirty Outreach Programs  

As we celebrate 125 years of service in our community, we celebrate all the different ways we reach out in programming and partnership to make a difference in and beyond our local community. 

in 2018, our 200 friends and members donated $177,000 for our work and ministry.  for 2019, we espcially now invite support and donations to match our years of service:  as we seek to raise an "over-and-above" amount of $125,000 this year, would you be willing to donate  $12.50 or $25?   $125 or $250??   $1250 or $2500 ???   ... be creative with any amount that you can give!   all 125th anniversary gifts will be divided equally between essential capital/maintenance needs and support for our programs and services.  

"Click Here to Give" is on our home page:   Home 

this is what we support through our members, friends, and outreach programs:  

A)  on-site programs: community partnerships in outreach    

we support seniors, youth, health programs, music and the arts, and/or other forms of particular need or special interest on a regular ongoing basis.  our community outreach partnerships are where we provide building space, office time, management & support staff time, cleaning & janitorial services, and volunteering, partially or fully at our own expense :  

1 - Spirituality Beyond Borders – education for transformation – programs on-site, throughout Central Vancouver Island, and by webcast

2 - Adult Day Program – support and activities designed for seniors facing isolation/health issues (M/Tu/F)

3 -  AA, Al-Anon, other 12-Step programs (M,W,F)

4 -  Girl Guides, Brownies, Sparks (M,W,Th)

5 -  Parksville Tai Chi (all weekdays)

6 -  Oceanside Bridge Club (W)

7 -  Parksville & District Music Association (Tu) 

8 -  Quilters group  (Th - monthly)

9 -  Gentle Fit/Cardio (M,W) – community health programs focussed on seniors

10 - Death Café – peer-to-peer group conversation over a cup of tea/coffee on the topic of death


B)  collaborations:  local action to support outreach  

1 - SOS (Society of Organized Services) - comprehensive social outreach, including 29 programs for people of all ages and stages of life

2 - Manna Ministries (outreach to the homeless in the Oceanside area)

3 - The Foodbank & Soup Kitchen (Salvation Army programs supported by all the churches and by the wider community) 

4 – Memorial & Heritage Care (supporting families in grief, end-of-life care, burials, churchyard and heritage building care, and memorial celebrations)

5 – Hospice, Palliative Care Units - end-of-life care, counselling, and education

6 - Coldest Night of the Year – fundraiser in support of outreach to the homeless

7 - Echo Theatre – community theatre productions, social commentary, homelessness outreach

8 – Prayer Shawl, Visitation & Care Homes - providing local support in times of need, and visiting residents in assisted-living & long-term care

9 - Kairos - promoting social justice, action, education and advocacy, both locally and nationally

10 – Bethlehem Centre –diverse spirituality, interfaith, & programs beyond spiritual boundaries  


C)   affiliations:  outreach in & beyond our region  

1 - Reconciliation – engaging with First Nations locally and nationally in engaging with acts and gestures towards reconciliation

2 - The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) - global Anglican work in responding to disasters and promoting development (eg forest-fire crises, refugee sponsorship)

3 - Anglican Appeal - supporting national ministries, and especially those in northern and remote communities, and indigenous ministries

4 - VST (Vancouver School of Theology) & Sorrento - our theological school & educational retreat centre 

5 - the Anglican Foundation, enabling ministry projects in BC and across Canada

6 - Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) - Canadian-based programs operating globally to respond to world hunger - an ecumenical & PWRDF program

7 – Refugee Ministry - promoting supportive action, funding, and sponsorship advocacy, on Vancouver Island

8 - St. Paul's, Corozal, Diocese of Belize, supporting outreach & elementary education in a context of poverty

9 - Charter for Compassion - nurturing and educating for a global culture of compassion

10 – The Centre for Action & Contemplation – satellite programming, contextualized by Spirituality Beyond Borders, from the centre founded by Richard Rohr