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Embers from the Fire

~ an online Circle for Gospel-Based Discipleship (GBD)  

monthly summer sessions 2020:   1.30-3.00 pm (Pacific Time)

~ 4th Wednesday of each month ~ June 24, July 22, August 26

(past spring sessions):   Wednesdays, 9.30-11 am - 6 sessions Apr 22-May 27,  (drop-in OK)


an online Sacred Circle, shaped by the traditions of Indigenous Peoples within the Anglican Church of Canada ~ featuring interactive meditations, and readings from the book Embers - One Ojibway’s Meditations, by BC author Richard Wagamese, and hosted by Andrew Twiddy  

Expectations for Participation

Expectations for participation in this Sacred Circle, taken from our Rule of Life, in A Disciple’s Prayer Book (downloadable at :  

“In this Sacred Circle:

We are all related; We live a compassionate and generous life; We respect all life, traditions, and resources. We commit ourselves to spiritual growth, discipleship, and consensus.”  

Cost:   no charge ~ donations welcome

This program is offered at no charge, and is supported by donors.  To donate to Spirituality Beyond Borders, use our “Click here” donation button:  


email us in advance to register for this Zoom event:  

for immediate access: 

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Meeting ID: 939 453 3969

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Further Resources  

for information on Gospel-Based Discipleship:  

for information on Richard Wagamese:  

a sample short form from A Disciple’s Prayer Book,   with forward by Archbishop Mark MacDonald (attached)