Jan 22, 2023 ~ the Third Sunday after Epiphany

Preaching and Presiding:  Andrew Twiddy;    Music Leadership:  Ron Klusmeier

Guide to Scrolling Through the Service: 

4:30 opening hymn: I Owe My Lord a Morning Song

8:10 readings begin

9:55 Reflective hymn: Help Us Accept the Past

16:55 Gospel hymn: Lord Jesus Christ, Shall I Stand Still?

23:55 sermon begins

42:15 prayers begin

52:40 Offertory hymn: Make Spaces For Spirit

1:02:58 Communion: Hymn Take My Gifts

1:08:10 Closing Hymn: God's Spirit is Here

(note: we accidentally uploaded this video twice - the service is actually 1 hour 10 minutes long)

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