Services and Programs Continue Online ~ No Formal Gatherings at this time

Many of you will have heard the announcement from Dr. Bonnie Henry on May 13th regarding a possibility of the limited reopening of gatherings for religious communities and spiritual organizations, in the context of a current overall assessment of the impact of COVID-19 cases within BC.  

I am attaching a letter from the Very Rev. Ansley Tucker, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, who is acting as administrator of the diocese since the retirement of Bishop Logan on May 1st.  As administrator, Ansley has all the same functions as a bishop in terms of decisions regarding the opening and closing of church buildings for public worship and for other gatherings and events. 

Until we receive further notice from Dean Ansley, we continue to conduct all our services and programs online.  

Please do check our website for news and updates:

And please do join Christine and me online for our worship and education programs: 

Sunday 10 am ~ livestream of our service  

Sunday Morning online Social Hour ~ 11.30 am, by Zoom (email us for instructions and an invitation

Wednesdays in May, 9.30 am, Embers from the Fire (our midweek program during May for inspiration and spiritual growth)

Your sincere friend, priest, and pastor,

Andrew +