What is it like?

We are an open and inclusive community. We welcome people of all ages and stages.  One open circle is our motto.  It is easy to get in and easy to get out.  We provide inspiration for daily living, live music and silence for reflection.  Classical spiritual text and scriptures and a warm welcome.

What about my kids?  

Our services have an air of informality that allow parents and children to come and go with ease.  We have kids involved as readers and assisting at the alter.  All age groups of Girl Guides have programs on site throughout the year on weekdays.

Where do I park?  

We have ample parking on the premises, nearby on the street or across the road at Wembley Mall.

What do I wear? 

We are westcoast casual.  Come as you are, be who you are.

How can I get connected?

If you have questions after browsing our website you can email us at parksville.anglican@oneopencircle.org or call the office at 250-248-3114.